A unique, hand-made hanging wooden cradle for children created in Latvia to ensure vertical movement even during sleep.

Studies show that it is not just a tradition or a modern trend, but an important aspect that helps the baby to develop harmoniously and be healthy. It is known that the nine months that a baby is in the mother's belly is biologically (genetically) much longer than the rest of her life. It is during these nine months that two cells develop into a human. And it happens in a liquid environment. He grows weightless. And from this state, at birth, the baby suddenly enters the environment with a huge gravitational force. Therefore, newborns are characterized by muscle bonding and uncoordinated movements. This can only be changed by adjusting the body rhythms. The hanging cradle transfers the static vector of gravitational pressure to the gravitational rhythm of the swinging waves. Thus, when rocking the baby rhythmically, the child feels a certain state of weightlessness, when the cradle reaches its maximum height and seems to "forget" for a moment, and higher gravitational forces when the cradle is at its lowest point. The cradle is a special technology that is especially needed for the baby to gradually and non-traumatically adapt to the  earth's gravitational environment, including the activation of the earth's gravitational rhythm.

Each cradle is unique and handmade. Although all the cradles are made according to one design, which was specially developed by our grandfather, each new cradle is special and unique. It was more important for us to create a cradle that would be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, made of natural materials, functional and provide vertical movement.

The cradle is intended for children under 6 months of age or until they start to get up.

The formation of the internal rhythm of gravity means not only the formation of the internal vegetative rhythms, but also the mental endurance and ability to resist various unfavorable external environmental factors. The beneficial effects of the cradle are observed in almost all stages of ontogenesis. During the written work, the children did not strain and bend over the notebooks, the handwriting and drawings are clearer, the musical hearing is better developed, speech is freer and more logical, and stress resistance is higher.

The cradle is made of the highest quality birch wood, grown here in Latvia.

Birch is an energizing tree that has a very strong but at the same time gentle and light energy, cool and fresh. Nothing is as refreshing and soothing as the green light that surrounds birches in early spring. Birch is feminine in nature, reacts more to emotional states than to thoughts. Birch has a kind of Latvian nature - he is unobtrusive; if he is not questioned, he does not interfere in fate. Especially understood by women. It is recommended to go to the birch early in the morning or before sunset. 

On a spiritual and emotional level: 

The tree of artists, poets. Teaches not to run with your forehead in the wall, but to look for no compromise, rather - a creative approach to all situations. Helps to create a plastic perception of the world.

At the physical level:

Gives flow of life force, treats runny nose and flu, helps to focus attention and strength. Has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system, hormones, promotes cell growth, development, helps in weight loss. You can go to the birch if you are not able to conceive a child for a long time - he is the guardian of women, expectant and new mothers. No tree understands a woman better than a birch.

Metal stand, in which the cradle is installed, is a successful solution for ensuring the vertical movement of the child's cradle without causing damage to the existing interior - it is not necessary to create suspension systems neither on the ceiling nor on the walls. This also ensures that the cradle can be moved comfortably in the room, as it is not too heavy, but is stable and safe. The cradle can also be conveniently placed next to the bed itself, as the metal stand leg fits under virtually any bed.

Each cradle set includes not only a wooden cradle and a metal stand, but also the hanging system itself and a coconut fiber mattress (80 * 46 cm), which is an ecologically clean Latvian handmade product.

Mattress for babies "Coconut" is made of natural coconut fiber, it has all the necessary properties for the first years of life. The mattress with moderate firmness provides excellent support for the spine and the child's body. Coconut fiber is a natural, breathable material treated against the formation of bacteria and dust mites. The mattress cover is removable and can be washed gently.

The properties of coconut fiber - such as durability, flexibility, hygiene, excellent ventilation, resistance to any type of moisture, make this material ideal for making a crib mattresses. Coconut fiber does not emit toxins and other substances that can adversely affect the skin and the child's respiratory tract. At the same time it is breathable with excellent air permeability.


Birch cradle made by hand
Spring for vertical movement
Jute cord


Birch cradle made by hand
Spring for vertical movement
Coconut fiber mattress
Jute cord


Birch cradle made by hand
Spring for vertical movement
Metal stand for hanging a cradle
Coconut fiber mattress
Jute cord

Delivery from Talsi to Riga free of charge, to other parts of Latvia - 20 euro
(payment is divided into two parts, advance order and the rest after delivery)

Each cradle is handmade and individual order and its production takes time up to one month, so place your order in time by contacting